Nothing personal but I think yo’all needed a selection of songs dealing with the subject of self abuse, so here they are. I thought of a few others, Devo’s Be Stiff (but I’ve already got a Devo tune), Vapours ‘Turning Japanese’, Buzzcocks ‘Orgasm Addict’, Beatles ‘Happiness is a warm gun’, (I don’t like ’em). Here’s 12 that I do like.

Gizmos ‘Pumpin’ To Playboy’
Misfits ‘Bullet’
Who ‘Pictures of Lily’
Embarrassment ‘Elizabeth Montgomery’s Face’
Beach Boys ‘In My Room’
Alan Milman Sect ‘Spankathon’
Pretty Things ‘Bracelets Of Fingers’
Dr. Octagon ‘Our Operators Are Masturbating’
Devo ‘Praying Hands’
Authorities ‘Radiationmasturbation’
Violent Femmes ‘Blister In The Sun’
Dinosaur Jr ‘Severed Lips’


Enjoy… but not too much

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