Barbara Manning plays Flying Nun

As previously there have been two posts of Bloodless Coup playing songs from the Flying Nun songbook I was reminded of Barbara Manning who it seemed managed to squeeze a Flying Nun song onto each of her releases, going as far as releasing the Barbara Manning In New Zealand LP collaborating with members of The Clean, The Verlaines and Tall Dwarfs. Here’s the instances that I could find of her doing the Kiwi thing, are there any others?

01. Barbara Manning – Smoking Her Wings (The Bats)
02. Barbara Manning & SF Seals – Winter Song (Goblin Mix)
03. Barbara Manning with Flophouse – B4 We Go Under (Magick Heads)
04. Barbara Manning & SF Seals – Joed Out (The Verlaines)
05. Barbara Manning – Whatever I Do Is Right/Wrong (The Clean)
06. Barbara Manning And The Go-luckys – Hanging by Strands (The Verlaines)
07. Barbara Manning – For Pity’s Sake (Sneaky Feelings)

Get ‘em here


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5 responses to “Barbara Manning plays Flying Nun

  1. Timurlenc

    More good stuff from the grand ol’ vampyr. Cheers Mr V.

  2. LD

    This is a great treat for Barbara Manning fans. Thanks for putting this together and sharing it.

  3. fr

    Тю, в натуре долбоёб какой то этот Vampireverdi. Ну не хочешь ссылку обновлять – так и скажи. Какого хуя мои просьбы просто тупо удалять? Короче – fuck you. Пиздец совмещение – хуесос, который постит Барбару. Чего только в жизни не бывает!

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