This is in response to a post by the most excellent Shiny Grey Monotone who threw up a mix of material from the mighty fine AMREP label just a couple of days ago. There’s no duplicate songs here from their set. The head honcho at the label was Tom Hazelmeyer from the glorious Halo Of Flies, the sleeves were always great on AMREP and they were mostly down to him too.
The main no show on here from the AMREP catalogue would be Tar who I find pretty dull with their best album probably being their last after they’d defected to Touch and Go, other notable missing acts would be Chokesnore and Lowercase who I’ve never heard a track from that I’d wanna here again.
This is what you do get: God Bullies, hit and miss driving rock songs with a scary singer ‘Like it Like That’ is a good ‘un. Gear Jammer a post Halo Of Flies outfit. AMREP reissued Australian X‘s first album, brilliant. Gnomes of Zurich, better than Tar. I could have put virtually any Cows songs on here, a truly great band. Love 666 played pop songs with a Led Zep beat. Hammerhead a true AMREP great also worth hearing is the post Hammerhead band Vaz. Calvin Krime, better than Tar. Great driving fuzzy bass drinking songs from Australia’s Cosmic Psychos. Surgery, better than Tar. Unsane had a fine album on AMREP, the (kinda) tribal drumming sets them apart for me. After the U-Men came the frequently overlooked Crows, I like ’em. German band Party Dicktator reminiscent of early Hammerhead. Guzzard, better than Tar. Another reissue, this time classic L.A. art punks The Urinals, Halo Of Flies covered their song ‘I’m A Bug’. Silver Salute, post Vertigo action. What are Touch and Go heroes Killdozer doing on here I hear you ask, 7″ action featuring Hazelmeyer I reply. Melvins covering Pussy Galore, nice. Vertigo, the most underappreciated band on the label. The stunning Halo Of Flies, go buy their CD, you’ll be pleased you did. Helmet made a big noise way back, they were OK. Today is the Day, better than Tar. AMREP released the final feedtime record, not their best but infinitely better than Tar. Probably the best thing about Boss Hog was the sleeve to their first album. The largely ignored Lollipop were pretty wild if you ask me. Mog Stunt Team cover Cheap Trick here. H.O.F. is more recent Hazelmeyer action. Post Cows material from The Heroine Sheiks, their final album came out on AMREP, I really hope Shannon Selberg turns up in another band soon, one of the worlds greatest frontmen. Janitor Joe, better than Tar. Australians King Snake Roost… yeah, better than Tar. Wild single track from The Hedonists, I know nothing about this band. Now Lubricated Goat, they were a great Australian band. Northwest legends The U-Men had a single on AMREP. Finally ex-Chrome man Helios Creed, his best solo material was on Amphetamine Reptile.

If you want to hear more of this stuff the archives at Shiny Grey Monotone are full of it, alternatively you could head over to The AMREP site and get your credit card out.

01 God Bullies – Like It Like That
02 Gear Jammer – If it Wasn’t Me
03 X – Batman
04 Gnomes of Zurich – Nambla Fight Song
05 Cows – Camouflage Monkey
06 Love 666 – D Rock Out
07 Hammerhead – New York?…Alone?
08 Calvin Krime – Sean Na Na
09 Cosmic Psychos – What
10 Surgery – Not Going Down
11 Unsane – Ruin
12 Crows – Dr. Dirty
13 Party Diktator – Stand Behind Me
14 Guzzard – I’m Not The Baby You Are
15 Urinals – She’s A Drone
16 Silver Salute – Happy Eyes
17 Killdozer – Short Eyes
18 Melvins – Adolescent Wet Dream
19 Vertigo – Snakes
20 Halo Of Flies – Pipebomb
21 Helmet – Taken
22 Today Is The Day – Execution Style
23 feedtime – Hero
24 Boss Hog – Red bath
25 Lollipop – Snifter
26 Mog Stunt Team – Hello There
27 H.O.F. – Stalin’s Child
28 Heroine Sheiks – Hank’s Pimp
29 Janitor Joe – Stinker
30 King Snake Roost – Obscure Enough
31 Hedonists – Womb
32 Lubricated Goat – Give Chance a Piece
33 U-Men – Freezebomb
34 Helios Creed – Throw Away The Rind

Download it here.

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  1. ipecac

    well played,sir

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