Bloodless Coup ‘The Expert Improver’

Recorded in a day in 1996 at a studio on the south side of Tower Bridge, the building had previously been a vinegar factory and that’s exactly what it smelled of. The first 4 songs made up the e.p. the 5th was an outtake. Bloodless Coup has nothing to do with this Bloodless Coup. If you feel you can’t live without a physical copy of this some feller from Sweden is selling one here

On the other hand get it here


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4 responses to “Bloodless Coup ‘The Expert Improver’

  1. Timurlenc

    This was single of the week in Melody Maker. Great bass playing.

  2. dannyh

    The bass player of this band (engineered) (produced)(twiddled the knobs)(whatever you wanna call it), on this cut. I remember someone said, make us sound like the Minutemen records, he fuckin loved that.

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