KILLED BY TOASTERS #1 (DJ & Dancehall Selection with version)

There’s some true greatness here ladies.

01. I-Roy – Point Black
02. Joe Tex & U Black – Standardization
03. Tiger – Yuh Dead Now
04. Barrington Levy – Under Me Sensi
05. Sister Nancy – Bang Belly
06. U-Roy – Wear You to the Ball
07. General Lucky & Peter Ranking – Ram-A-Jam
08. Nicodemus – Suzie Wong
09. Big Youth – Screaming Target
10. Trinity – Starsky and Hutch
11. Shorty The President – Natty Pass Him GCE
12. Johnny Osbourne – Buddy Bye
13. Charlie Ace & Scorcher – Father & Dread Locks
14. Danny Dread – Lemon Popcycle
15. Prince Jazzbo – Crabwalking
16. Lady Ann – Informer
17. Pinchers – Bandolero
18. Prince Far I – (Under) Heavy Manners
19. Nitty Gritty – Good Morning Teacher
20. Yellowman – I’m Getting Married

Download Em Pee Tree here… dweet.


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5 responses to “KILLED BY TOASTERS #1 (DJ & Dancehall Selection with version)

  1. Timurlenc

    Great stuff Mikey boy. You are so dread.

  2. David

    Damn, don’t s’pose you’re going to re-up any of these, are you?

    • Howdy, might get around to doin’ a new blog at some point and revisiting some of this stuff but sorry to say I’ve not got the time or will to re-up these files at the moment (only for mediafire or who ever else to take it off line)

  3. David

    Okay thanks, I’ll keep an eye open for any future blog…

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