PEACE FROG (Fragile Eggshell Mind)

I gotta say that I’m not a huge Doors fan, Jim Morrison’s schtik frequently seems like a lot of pretentious macho posturing to my ears. Over exposure to The Doors records as a teenager probably didn’t help either.

Anyway undoubtedly my favourite track of theirs is ‘Peace Frog’. It’s got a damn funky shuffle and the imagery in the lyrics are pretty righteous ‘There’s blood in the streets it’s up to my ankles’, ‘Blood stains the roofs and the palm trees of Venice’, ‘The young child’s fragile eggshell mind’.

All of this made it perfect material for L.A. 1980’s SST art punk heros Saccharine Trust, singer Jack Brewer was never afraid to throw out some high-falutin’ pretentious lyrics himself. A version also appeared on Saccharine Trusts posthumous ‘Past Lives’ collection and then again on Jack Brewer’s first solo record ‘Rockin’ Etherial’.

Finally some mash up action that I grabbed from somewhere I no longer remember pairing Peace Frog with Jurassic 5’s ‘What’s Golden’, highlighting the inherent funkiness of this tune. I seem to remember late 80’s hip hop crew 3rd Bass sampling Peace Frog, but It’s not a fond memory.

01. The Doors – Peace Frog (from ‘Morrison Hotel’ 1970)
02. Saccharine Trust – Peace Frog (from ‘Surviving You, Always’ 1984)
03. Jurassic 5 vs The Doors – Golden Peace Frog (???)

Grab ’em here.

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