There’s always something on a Sun City Girls release that’s worth hearing, but you frequently need to wade through some pretty queasy listening to find the nuggets. So what we have here is a kind-of primer of some of their more easily digestible items. You can’t say that there’s a typical Sun City Girls sound as they throw in ideas and influences from all over the world but with tunes like ‘Space Prophet Dogon’, ‘Esoterica Of Abyssynia’ and ‘Kal El Lazi Kad Ham’ i think you have their Standards.

01. Flesh Balloons Of Tibet (Dante’s Disneyland Inferno, 1996)
02. Soi Cowboy (330,003 Crossdressers From Beyond The Rig Veda, 1996)
03. Space Prophet Dogon (Live from Planet Boomerang, 1992)
04. Gum Arabic (Eye Mohini 7”, 1992)
05. Black Weather Shoes (Grotto of Miracles, 1986)
06. Wild World Of Animals (Libyan Dream, 2001)
07. Smile (Borungku Si Derita double 7”, 1993)
08. Kill the Klansmen (Horse Cock Phepner, 1987)
09. Caravan (More Coffee for the Politicians compilation, 1985)
10. I Deal A Stick (Box Of Chameleons, 1997)
11. Cruel and Thin (330,003 Crossdressers From Beyond The Rig Veda, 1996)
12. Sangkala #4 º (98.6 IS DEATh, 2004)
13. In A Lesbian Meadow (Grotto of Miracles, 1986)
14. Bobby Sands Boogie (Amuck compilation, 1981)
15. Rose Room (Borungku Si Derita double 7”, 1993)
16. Harmful Little Armfull (for Will Shatter) (Bruce Lee, Heroin, and the Punk Scene compilation, 1994)
17. Esoterica Of Abyssynia (Borungku Si Derita double 7”, 1993)
18.Trippin’ On Krupa (Sun City Girls, 1984)
19. Caterpiller (Box Of Chameleons, 1997)
20. Kal El Lazi Kad Ham (Eye Mohini 7”, 1992)
21. The Vinegar Stroke (Libyan Dream, 2001)
22. Different Kind Of Whore (Grotto of Miracles, 1986)
23. Philly Soul LAO (High Asia/Lo Pacific, 2002)
24. Esta Susan En Casa? (Horse Cock Phepner, 1987)
25. Eye Mohini (Eye Mohini 7”, 1992)
26. Damcar (Grotto of Miracles, 1986)
27. Amazon One (Live from Planet Boomerang, 1992)
28. Nyne De Gris Sang (Sumatran Electric Chair, 2001)
29. On The Sign (This Is Phoenix, Not The Circle Jerks compilation, 1982)
30. Opium Den (Libyan Dream, 2001)

Get them here.

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