KILLED BY NUGGETS & PEBBLES ETC. 60’s Garage Punk Psych Action

If yr a novice at this sorta thing you got some fine treats awaiting you. If on the other hand yr a gnarly old garage hound like myself you’ll no doubt find some old friends here. The more astute observer might note that there’s a number of tunes from the ancient ‘Boulders #1′ LP. The first record of this sort I purchased many years back (and still my favourite Garage Punk comp.)

01. The Beatin’ Path – Original Nothing People
02. The New Wing – I Need Love
03. The Insects – She’s A Pest
04. The Cindermen – Don’t Do It Some More
05. The Sparkles – No Friend Of Mine
06. William Penn & His Pals – Blow my mind
07. The Century’s – Hard Times
08. The Jolly Green Giants – Caught You Red Handed
09. The Liv’in End – Orange Rooftop Of My Mind
10. The Buddhas – Lost Innocence
11. The Del-Vetts – Last Time Around
12. Kenny & The Kasuals – Journey To Tyme
13. The Painted Ship – Frustration
14. The Chob – We’re Pretty Quick
15. The Shag – Stop And Listen
16. King Bees – On Your Way Down The Drain
17. We The People – You Burn Me Up And Down
18. The Cykle – Walkout (Of My Mind)
19. The Wailers – Out Of Our Tree
20. The Bold – Gotta Get Some
21. The Brogues – I Ain’t No Miracle Worker
22. The Tropics – As Times Gone
23. The Chylds – Hay Girl
24. The Jelly Bean Bandits – Poor Precious Dreams
25. The Caravelles – Lovin’ Just My Style
26. The Heard – Stop It Baby
27. The Satans – Makin’ Deals
28. The Bugs – Slide
29. The Mourning Reign – Satisfaction Guaranteed
30. The Third Bardo – Five Years Ahead Of My Time

Trip on out. Here.

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