turn that ROCKET music on… 18 rocket songs

Mmmmmmm. Rocket Songs. There’s 3x versions of Sun Ra‘s ‘Rocket #9’ on here, we start with NRBQ‘s version from their first album from 1969, NRBQ’s records seem to drift between the sublime and the shite, their first ones a pretty good ‘un. Surely the best Mike Rep & The Quotas track there is, got a fine Roky Erickson impression on it too. Funnily enough NRBQ did a version of ‘Rocket In My Pocket’ aswell, but it’s not nearly as good as this one by Jimmy Lloyd. A reet nice song from David Kilgour‘s ‘Frozen Orange’ album. Splendid SKA from Skatalites / Aggrovators saxophone man Tommy McCook. There’s 2x versions of Daniel Johnstons’ ‘Rocket Ship’ on here, this is the original from ‘Yip/Jump Music’. Some say that Opal‘s LP ‘Happy Nightmare Baby’ sounds a lot like T-Rex, I say that ‘ain’t a bad thing. Yes it’s that Anthony Perkins, 3x years before he was wearing his mothers dress in Psycho he was doing this mighty fine crap. Roger Miller of Mission Of Burma is No Man’s Band, this is one of his best songs under that name but would probably benefit from the Burma treatment, I can almost hear Peter Prescott shouting along with it ‘Arggggggggggghhhh’. Now we get to the Sun Ra single version of ‘Rocket #9’, it’s pretty wild. I’m a big fan of old AmRep band Vertigo, this is from their second album ‘Ventriloquist’. Jackie Brenston played with Ike Turner, this proto Rock ‘n’ Roll tune is from 1951, I shit you not. Most of the material on the first two Suicide records is pretty essential, this is from the first. Wild punky spazz jazz from Sonny Sharrock, sounds like Greg Ginn. I know little of late 70’s American punkers E=Mc2 but I know this is a GOOOOOOD. K. McCarty ‘Dead Dog’s Eyeball – Songs of Daniel Johnston‘ is great, this is from it. ‘Rocket Sled/Fuel Tank’ is from fIREHOSE‘s final album ‘Mr. Machinery Operator’, what ever happened to Ed fROMOHIO?? Finally Sun Ra running through ‘Rocket #9’ again, it’s pretty freaking abstract man. Yo La Tengo did a version of ‘Rocket #9’ too, but it stinks, and if you were wondering (though I can’t imagine you are) why The MC5‘s ‘Rocket Reducer No. 62 (Rama Lama Fa Fa Fa)’ isn’t on here, it’s because it sucks donkey dongs.

01. NRBQ – Rocket #9
02. Mike Rep & The Quotas – Rocket Music On
03. Jimmy Lloyd – Rocket In My Pocket
04. David Kilgour – Rocket
05. Tommy McCook – Rocket Ship
06. Daniel Johnston – Rocket Ship
07. Opal – Rocket Machine
08. Anthony Perkins – Rocket To The Moon
09. No Man’s Band – Rocket #1
10. Sun Ra & His Outer Space Arkestra – Rocket #9
11. Vertigo– Rocket V
12. Jackie Brenston – Rocket 88
13. Suicide – Rocket USA
14. Sonny Sharrock – Rocket #99
15. E = Mc2 – Rocket Rocket
16. K. McCarty – Rocket Ship
17. fIREHOSE – Rocket Sled/Fuel Tank
18. Sun Ra – Rocket #9



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2 responses to “turn that ROCKET music on… 18 rocket songs

  1. PP Fu

    You forgot ‘Rocket Man’ by Elton John

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