A Bloodless Coup & Rhinoceros collection

OK the songs with a # next to them are Rhinoceros songs, the rest are Bloodless Coup. ‘Crazy I Know’ is a cover of a Dead C song, ‘(Sometimes) Good Guys Don’t Wear White’ was originally by The Standells, ‘Diddy Wah Diddy’ is a Bo Diddley song and ‘Joed Out’ is by The Verlaines, the rest are by the folks playing on ’em (who know who they are).

01. (Pop) Tome
02. Crystal
03. November#
04. On Air
05. Rhinoceros
06. Parity
07. Chain Gang Prison Voo-Doo
08. Crazy I Know
09. High Tide#
10. Dry Wood
11. Song For Max No.1
12. (Sometimes) Good Guys Don’t Wear White#
13. Is It Safe?
14. Invitation
15. Wake Up#
16. Snowblinded
17. On The Chin
18. Diddy Wah Diddy#
19. Monday Someday
20. I Am Alright
21. Joed Out
22. Frank Likes To Say Yes#
23. 30
24. Others Should
25. The Rain #2
26. Bird Nest Coup
27. Knotted In Clumps
28. D&K = S&M


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