Mississippi Records Sampler

Probably the best reissue label at the moment, certainly the most interesting. Vinyl and tapes, no CD’s. If they had only made available again some hard to obtain Michael Hurley records they would have been deserving of my thanks but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. This collection is not attempting to cover all of the stuff that they’ve put out but is more like a distilation of bits that I’ve got my hands on and been enjoying.

I’ve unfotunately not got digital files of The Spooky Dance Band double LP which is possibly my favourite Mississippi release, so you’re just gonna have to imagine how good that is ……………………………………………………………………… I knew you’d dig it.

01. Professor Johnson – Standing in the Safety Zone
02. The Rats – Come on Toody
03. Louise and Joseph – Won’t That Be a Happy Time
04. Tsugaru-Jamison Vs. Drums – Tsugaru I Bright & Beauty Rythm
05. Blue Sky Boys – Will You Miss Me When I’m Gone?
06. Barbara George – I’m In A Strain
07. Michael Hurley – English Noblemen
08. Jimmy Driftwood – Tennessee Stud
09. Joseph Spence – Sloop John B
10. Doris Troy – Whatcha Gonna Do About It?
11. James Davis – Old Country Rock #1
12. Dog Faced Hermans – Peace Warriors
13. Pat Hervey – Pain
14. Alemayno Eshintay – Love is Love
15. Bobby Moore & The Soul Finders – The Hamburger Song
16. Blind Willie & Kate McTell – Don’t Let Nobody Turn You ‘Round
17. Titiek Sandora & Muchsin – Teratai Merah
18. Cecil Barfield – Baby Please Don’t Go
19. Malvina Reynolds – What’s Going On Down There
20. Clara Rockmore – La Vie en Rose
21. Precious Bryant – Georgia Buck
22. Peggy Lee – Is That All There Is
23. George Coleman – Crazy with Love
24. Irma Thomas – Hitting on Nothing
25. Nelly Melba – Ave Maria
26. De Kift – Vlijt
27. Ted Hawkins – Who Got My Natural Comb
28. Rev. Louis Overstreet – I’m On My Way

Get It Here


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  1. Timurlenc

    You’ve hit me in the face with pie.

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