23 Peter Prescott Songs: Mission Of Burma, Volcano Suns, Kustomized

Peter Prescott, drummer, songwriter, shouter and guitar player. Everything he touches seems to turn out just dandy. Here’s a bunch of songs of his from Mission Of Burma to Volcano Suns to Kustomized and back to Mission Of Burma again. He didn’t appear to get much of a song writing chance in the original incarnation of Burma, the two songs here (tracks 1-2) are his only ones (I think). The first four Volcano Suns albums are faultless to my ears, the next two ain’t quite so hot, I’ve only included a track from each, quite frankly you should have these already and if you don’t you should be ashamed of yo-self. Kustomized are next up, I like these discs a plenty, just a shame that the man didn’t play the drums (tricky if yr playing the guitar at the same time I guess). Last up, the reformed Burma, it would appear that our hero is allowed three songs per new Burma album and they just so happen to be some of the better tracks. Anyway, enough about Burma, when does the Volcano Suns reunion begin?

✓ 01. Mission Of Burma – Learn How (from ‘Vs.’)
✓ 02. Mission Of Burma – Blackboard (from ‘Peking Spring’)
✓ 03. Volcano Suns – Balancing Act (from ‘The Bright Orange Years’)
✓ 04. Volcano Suns – White Elephant (from ‘All Night Lotus Party’)
✓ 05. Volcano Suns – Magic Sky (from ‘Bumper Crop’)
✓ 06. Volcano Suns – A Definite Maybe (from ‘Farced’)
✓ 07. Volcano Suns – Now File (from ‘Thing of Beauty’)
✓ 08. Volcano Suns – Blue Rib (from ‘Career in Rock’)
✓ 09. Kustomized – Nothing, Not No One (from’ Mystery Of…’)
✓ 10. Kustomized – Overnight Namedrop (from’ Mystery Of…’)
✓ 11. Kustomized – Day I Had Some Fun (from ‘Battle For Space’)
✓ 12. Kustomized – Puff Piece (from ‘Battle For Space’)
✓ 13. Kustomized – Gorgeous (from ‘Battle For Space’)
✓ 14. Kustomized – Camp Climax (from ‘At The Vanishing Point’)
✓ 15. Kustomized – Fingertips (from ‘At The Vanishing Point’)
✓ 16. Kustomized – You Make Me Feel Weird (from ‘At The Vanishing Point’)
✓ 17. Mission Of Burma – The Enthusiast (from ‘ONoffON’)
✓ 18. Mission Of Burma – Fake Blood (from ‘ONoffON’)
✓ 19. Mission Of Burma – Let Yourself Go (from ‘The Obliterati’)
✓ 20. Mission Of Burma – Period (from ‘The Obliterati’)
✓ 21. Mission Of Burma – Blunder (from ‘The Sound The Speed The Light’)
✓ 22. Mission Of Burma – One Day We Will Live There (from ‘The Sound The Speed The Light’)
✓ 23. Mission Of Burma – Good Cheer (from ‘The Sound The Speed The Light’)



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6 responses to “23 Peter Prescott Songs: Mission Of Burma, Volcano Suns, Kustomized

  1. PP Fu

    I’m high as a kite on a windless night…

  2. Trader Woody

    Thanks for recognising this unsung genius! Volcano Suns were my favourite band for a looooong time. I’d love to hear his work with “The Peer Group” – I’ve never heard a toot from them….

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