A Lee Hazlewood Collection

This post is answering a request.

Charles Shaar Murray in the NME reviewed Lee Hazlewood’s 1973 album ‘Poet, Fool or Bum?’ with one word “Bum”, I guess the smart assed shit stain must have been right pleased with himself with that one. Clearly some don’t like this corny fatalist. I find much of the spoken element, in intros to songs and banter with Nancy a bit too cheesy but I can live with that when the songs and delivery are so warm and honest. I’d struggle to choose a favourite album of his as they are all a flawed combination of greatness and cheese at different levels. It means you get stunners like ‘After Six’ followed by crud like ‘Suzi Jane is back in town’ on ’67’s ‘Lee Hazlewood-ism: Its Cause and Cure’ or a great version of ‘Whole Lotta Shakin’ Going On’ surrounded by stuff I don’t ever want to have to hear again on ’76’s ’20th Century Lee’.

‘No Train To Stockholm’ and ‘After Six’ are two of my favourite songs by anybody, the rest of the stuff on here is pretty damn hot to.

I hope this does it for you Mr Left Hand.

✓ 01. Pray Them Bars Away
✓ 02. In Our Time
✓ 03. Victims Of The Night (with Ann-Margret)
✓ 04. Pour’ Man
✓ 05. Dark In My Heart
✓ 06. Must Have Been Something I Loved
✓ 07. Dolly Parton’s Guitar
✓ 08. I Move Around
✓ 09. Ten Or Eleven Towns Ago
✓ 10. Home (I’m Home)
✓ 11. Whole Lotta Shakin’ Going On
✓ 12. Hey Cowboy (with Nina Lizell)
✓ 13. Charlie Bill Nelson
✓ 14. After Six
✓ 15. She Comes Running
✓ 16. These Boots Are Made For Walkin’
✓ 17. Cold Hard Times
✓ 18. A House Safe For Tigers
✓ 19. Some Velvet Morning (with Nancy Sinatra)
✓ 20. Hey, Me I’m Riding
✓ 21. L.A. Lady
✓ 22. Them Girls
✓ 23. Batman (as Lee Hazlewood’s Woodchucks)
✓ 24. Love And Other Crimes
✓ 25. No Train To Stockholm
✓ 26. The Girl On Death Row (Why Must I Die)
✓ 27. Summer Wine (with Suzi Jane Hokum)
✓ 28. Buying Back

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