KILLED BY NEDERBEAT – Beat, Psych and Garage Nuggets from The Netherlands

The Dutch during the ’60’s beat boom had a disproportionately large amount of great bands. Top of the pile are The Outsiders, they have a difficult to place quality about them, some of their stuff sounds very contemporary, a couple of tracks wouldn’t have been out of place as 1977 punkers. The Outsiders, not only the best Dutch band but also one of the best bands ever.

Q65 are probably my next favourite, first album, ‘Revolution’ and early singles are great, half of the stuff on ‘Revival’ is pretty good but by the time we get to ‘Afghanistan’ we’re into territory where I don’t really wanna go.

There’s only two instances of bands singing in Dutch on here, Het and Met & Zonder, the rest are sung in English. There’s undoubtedly something about bands that sing in English as a second language that appeals to me, not only the accents but the phrasing and choice of words seem unlike that which an English as first language speaker would use. Listen to enough tracks by the Zipps and I think you’ll get my drift.

Into the seventies The Dutch had a great GLAM scene and then later on some fine PUNK bands, I might post some of that action at a later date.

Here’s the tracks:

✓ 01. The Ro-d-ys – Looking For Something Better
✓ 02. The Haigs – From Now On
✓ 03. The Outsiders – You Remind Me Of
✓ 04. De Maskers – Living In The Past
✓ 05. The Bintangs – See Me Waiting
✓ 06. Het – Kejje Nagaan
✓ 07. The Hunters – Russian Spy And I
✓ 08. Q65 – And Your Kind
✓ 09. The Jay Jays – Don’t Sell The Sun
✓ 10. The Zipps – Hipsterism
✓ 11. Skope – Be Mine Again
✓ 12. The United Five – Go Go Mojo
✓ 13. Adjéèf The Poet – Leek, I’m A Freak
✓ 14. The Motions – Everything (That’s Mine)
✓ 15. Met & Zonder – Meneertje Pils
✓ 16. The Nicols – Lord I’ve Been Thinking
✓ 17. Golden Earrings – The Words I Need
✓ 18. The Beat Buddies – I Don’t Care
✓ 19. Sandy Coast – Subjects Of My Thoughts
✓ 20. The Bumble Bees – Girl Of My Kind
✓ 21. Outsiders – Monkey On Your Back
✓ 22. Cuby And The Blizzards – Your Body, Not Your Soul
✓ 23. The Kwyet – No Time For Tears
✓ 24. Q65 – From Above
✓ 25. Zen – Bye Bye Heart

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