A FLYING NUN RECORDS COLLECTION, The Clean, The Verlaines, The Chills, The Bats etc.

One of the most consistently great record labels of all time is now back in the hands of original owner Roger Shepherd. After downloading this I recommend going over to YouTube and watching the multi-part New Zealand TV Flying Nun documentary, when you’re through there head over to the Flying Nun website (link in sidebar) and buy loads of shit.

I wouldn’t have too much trouble in making 3x CD length mixes of Flying Nun stuff and it would all be great, I’ve tried to keep to shorter songs on this selection so that I could cram more action in. Here’re the tracks.

Pleased to have seen The Bats twice in 2009, London and Amsterdam, The Bats have not made a bad record, The Law of Things is the title track of one of them. The Alpaca Brothers released one great 12″ EP (the classic Flying Nun format), this is the best track on it, I love that keyboard sound, a couple of them went onto the also great Trash with Verlaines / Dead C drummer Robbie Yeats. Look Blue Go Purple‘s 3x EP’s are all very conveniently compiled on one CD, it’s all good but possibly a bit much in one sitting. The 3d’s played in London this year and were mighty fine and very loud. The Verlaines are one of the very best, this is from the excellent ‘Bird Dog’ LP. The Bird Nest Roys might just have had the single greatest Flying Nun album (apart from that last very irritating track), a couple of members turned up in the very good and totally ignored Tufnels, 3d’s drummer Dominic Stones played the guitar with Bird Nest Roys. Just found this, it’s greeeeeeat! youtube. The legendary Chris Knox (Enemy, Toy Love, Tall Dwarfs) suffered a very nasty stroke last year, on the long road to recovery, saw him a few times solo and with the Tall Dwarfs in his trademark flip flops, get well soon. The Clean should be a household name worldwide, pleased to have caught them in a low key Brighton gig this year (but they didn’t play Tally Ho… or Art School). The Terminals continue to make fine chilling gothic garage records with excellent warbling vocals. Chug made some excellent records in the early nineties, Look Blue Go Purple, Stephen and 3d’s folk, anyone out there got their second ‘Metalon’ to upload?? Some people love The Chills, I think that they’re kinda patchy, saw them in London in the late nineties, got chatting to a couple of fellers who had come over from Dublin just for the gig, now they were BIG Chills fans. Snapper were one of the first bands to pick up on the NEU! thing, early Stereolab sound very similar, there long awaited second album was a bit of a let down at the time but sounds pretty good now. The Magick Heads featured Robert Scott (The Clean / The Bats) and made some real pretty records. I really like the Strange Loves album, produced by David Kilgour. Did these guys become The Heavy Eights? I can manage The JPS Experience in small doses, here’s a very tasty small dose. ‘In Love With These Times’ from Bailter Space‘s first EP sounds unlike the big noise they would make on their later records, this version of the band had Hamish Kilgour (The Clean / Mad Scene) drumming and singing, I fondly remember an exceptionally loud ‘Wammo’ era gig with about five people attending in Harlow, Essex. I don’t know anything about Dead Famous People, but ‘Barlows House’ is a reet nice song. Before Straightjacket Fits, before Doublehappys, Shane Carter was part of Board Games, quite a Killed By Death punk sound for a Flying Nun record me-thinks, this strangely reminds me of a Rudimentary Peni song. After The Clean and after The Great Unwashed was David Kilgours’ short lived Stephen, excellent Buzzcock-esq songs, this song details Mr Kilgours’ purchasing of a new recording facility and the pleasure it gives him, ‘Now my life is complete’. One of the best Sneaky Feelings songs is tucked away on the b-side to ‘Husband House’, it’s got a long title. Chris Knox again, this time with Tall Dwarfs on the can’t help but sing along to ‘Bee To Honey’. the first couple of Dead C albums were on Flying Nun, this is from ‘Eusa Kills’ their second, probably one of there most conventional ‘songs’. I don’t know anything about Mainly Spaniards, but this is a very good song, sounds Able Tasman-ish, Sneeky Feeling-y and JPS EXP-esq. ‘Silence of the Sirens’ stands head and shoulders above any other Cake Kitchen song that I’ve ever heard, mostly kind of doomy, this is pretty. Before The Ghost Club, before The 3d’s David Mitchell was a member of Goblin Mix, before them he was in the Exploding Budgies, he also managed to find time to play with Plagal Grind, Chug, The Magick Heads, Human Soup. Have I forgotten anyone?. ‘Kills all my fun’ is a fine song from David Kilgours’ first album, ‘Here Come The Cars’. The Weeds were a one single Flying Nun supergroup, Michael Morely (Dead C), Shane Carter (Straightjacket Fits), Robert Scott (The Bats), this songs a lotta fun. Straightjacket Fits were not one of my favourite bands, all a bit overblown and dare I say U2-ish, but here they are covering possibly the best JPS Experience song there is and they don’t go wrong. Able Tasmans had a bunch fine albums full of really nice piano driven songs. The cheekily named, The Stones were on the mighty ‘Dunedin Double’ record alongside The Verlaines, Chills and Sneaky Feelings, they made some fun upbeat couldn’t give a fuck songs. After The Clean came the Great Unwashed, some fine Kilgour brothers action with original Clean member and Snapper guy, Peter Gutteridge. Finally the mighty Gordons, these guys would latter mutate into Bailter Space.

✓ 01. The Bats – Law Of Things
✓ 02. The Alpaca Brothers – The Lie
✓ 03. Look Blue Go Purple – Grace
✓ 04. The 3d’s – Evocation of W.C. Fields
✓ 05. The Verlaines – Dippy’s Last Trip
✓ 06. Bird Nest Roys – Who Is The Silliest Rossi?
✓ 07. Chris Knox – Half-Man / Half-Mole
✓ 08. The Clean – On Again/Off Again
✓ 09. The Terminals – No
✓ 10. Chug – Evel Knievel
✓ 11. Chills – Never Never Go
✓ 12. Snapper – Snapper And The Ocean
✓ 13. The Magick Heads – Back Of Her Hand
✓ 14. The Strange Loves – I Like You
✓ 15. The Jean-Paul Sartre Experience – Einstein
✓ 16. Bailter Space – I’m In Love With These Times
✓ 17. Dead Famous People – Barlows House
✓ 18. Bored Games – Bridesmaid
✓ 19. Stephen – Tape Machine
✓ 20. Sneaky Feelings – The Strange And Conflicting Feelings Of Separation And Betrayal
✓ 21. Tall Dwarfs – Bee To Honey
✓ 22. The Dead C – Scarey Nest
✓ 23. Mainly Spaniards – That’s What Your Friends Are For
✓ 24. The Cake Kitchen – Silence Of The Sirens
✓ 25. Goblin Mix – Fruit Of The Womb
✓ 26. David Kilgour – Kills All My Fun
✓ 27. The Weeds – Wheatfields
✓ 28. Straitjacket Fits – Flex
✓ 29. Able Tasmans – Dileen
✓ 30. The Stones – Surf’s Up
✓ 31. Great Unwashed – Can’t Find Water
✓ 32. Gordons – I Just Can’t Stop

Download Here

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