30 Car Songs

Hmmm, 30 Songs about cars. It’s a tasty selection but I can only be bothered to write about a few of the attached items, here we go. The opening guitar buzz of ‘Let’s Build a Car’ by The Swell Maps is a spectacular thing. The MX-80 Sound song on here is especially great, I find myself listening to these fellers sometimes and wonder if there’s any better music than this. This rather fine song has the protagonist spotting a guy on the street and deciding there and then that he’s gonna stalk the bastard. I can’t work out why the Cherubs were better than any other nineties American noisy guitar band you can think of, but they were. I’ve long been a fan of all eras of The Meat Puppets. However great ‘II’ and ‘Up On The Sun’ are The Vampyre has decided that The Meat Puppets first self titled album and the “In a car” EP that preceded it make up the Puppets finest material, if you think otherwise you are wrong. I bought and sold ‘Trout Mask Replica’ at least a couple of times before I worked out what the fuss was all about, an astoundingly good album.

I do not have the slightest interest in cars but I do remember Scimitars from the 70’s-80’s and thinking they were fine looking bits of metal, so that’s what you get as a purty picture. Here’s the songs.

01. The Minutemen – Three Car Jam
02. Swell Maps – Let’s Build a Car
03. Andre Williams – Car With The Star
04. Adam & The Ants – Cartrouble
05. The Embarrassment – Two Cars
06. The Beach Boys – This Car of Mine
07. Cherubs – Carjack Fairy
08. The Angry Samoans – Hot Cars
09. MX-80 Sound – Follow that Car
10. Graeme Downes – Cattle, Cars And Chainsaws
11. The Buzzcocks – Fast Cars
12. Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band – Dali’s Car
13. Claw Hammer – Car Down Again
14. The Avengers – Car Crash
15. The Other Side – Streetcar
16. Headless Chickens – Totaling Dads Car
17. Honor Role – Dots In Your Car
18. The Exports – Car Hop
19. Meat Puppets – In A Car
20. Trotsky Icepick – This Car Is Not Blue
21. Russian Roulette – Fuckin’ Car
22. The Moles – Europe By Car
23. Big Star – Back Of A Car
24. Mog Stunt Team – Bad Car
25. The Blinders – This Isn’t My Mother’s
26. The Cadets – Car Crash
27. The Terminals – Frozen Car
28. Robyn Hitchcock – I Watch the Cars
29. Negativland – Car Bomb
30. The Minutemen – Three Car Jam


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