I guessing you all ready know that SST was the best label of the ’80’s, I might get around to making a mix of some of the labels ‘Indie’ acts but in the mean time here’s a selection of punkers.

The Minutemen are easy to like, ‘Party With Me Punker’ is from The Politics of Time LP, ‘Black Sheep’ from the Joy 7″, both discs originally on New Alliance. The (Canadian) Subhumans had a fine album on SST, ‘No Wishes, No Prayers’, both of these tracks are from it. Overkill had some solid metalic punk on their two SST releases, ‘Dont Wanna Be Told’ is from the single, ‘Slaughter’ from the album, singer Merrill Ward also of The Nig Heist was later in SWA. Black Flag are THE SST band, I tend to prefer them when Henry Rollins isn’t singing, the pre-Damaged records are some of the best punk records there are, ‘Clocked In’ is from Everything Went Black, ‘Revenge’ is from the Jealous Again EP. I like all the Saccharine Trust records, both of these tracks are from their first disc, the excellent ‘Pagan Icons’. Vox Pop‘s ‘You’re My Favorite’ is on the great New Alliance comp. ‘Chunks’. Angst‘s first EP was on The Urinals Happy Squid label, later reissued on SST, all the Angst discs are worth a spin, the first EP’s by far the punkiest, these two tracks are on it. Nig Heist were a great crude and sloppy band, they had a couple of fine discs on New Alliance with some great Raymond Pettibon artwork, ‘Snort My Load’ indeed. A couple of Descendents early records were on New Alliance before being reissued by SST, the pop-punk sound they pedaled has been done to death but their early records still sound good. The Stains amazingly good Black Flag-ish LP might just be the best single album on SST. Würm featured Black Flags Chuck Dukowski and had two cool metal punk SST releases, these songs are from their single. The Nip Drivers had an album on New Alliance, this is on it. The excellent first Dicks LP was on SST, singer Gary Floyd had a Butthole Surfers track named after him and was later in Sister Double Happiness. I don’t need to tell anybody about Hüsker Dü, ‘Real World’ is from Metal Circus, ‘Ultracore’ on Land speed record. The Meat Puppets mental version of Black Flag‘s ‘No Values’ is from the Lovedolls Superstar Soundtrack, ‘Meat Puppets’ is on their first album. Before releasing some late eighties, early nineties new Flesh Eaters albums SST put out a couple of best of compilations of their earlier material, these two tracks were originally on their first album, ‘No Questions Asked’. This great Chiefs track was also on the Chunks compilation. This excellent White Flag track is on the Desperate Teenage Lovedolls soundtrack, the early punk stuff’s pretty cool but beware the later powerpop material. This raw Mr. Epp & The Calculations track is on the New Alliance comp. Mighty Feeble and features a young Mark Arm (Mudhoney). ‘One-Way Ticket To Pluto’ by The Dead Kennedys was also on the Lovedolls Superstar Soundtrack.

SST still put out some new stuff although it’s pretty sporadic and exclusively Greg Ginn related, I’m a sucker for Mr Ginn’s skronk so it suits me, head over to The SST Superstore and start purchasing, there’s a fine SST history at Perfect Sound Forever you might wanna check out whilst listening to this.

Here’s the songs.

01. The Minutemen – Party With Me Punker
02. The Subhumans – for the common good
03. Overkill – Dont Wanna Be Told
04. Black Flag – Clocked In
05. Saccharine Trust – I Am Right
06. Vox Pop – You’re My Favorite
07. Angst – We Only Rot
08. Nig Heist – Love in Your Mouth
09. The Descendents – I’m Not A Punk
10. Stains – Quit the Human Race
11. Würm – We’re Off
12. Nip Drivers – Nips Get Pissed
13. The Dicks – Kill From the Heart
14. Hüsker Dü – Real World
15. Meat Puppets – No Values
16. The Flesh Eaters – No Questions Asked
17. The Cheifs – The Lonelys
18. The Subhumans – slap in the face
19. Black Flag – Revenge
20. White Flag – Johnny Tremaine’s Theme
21. Angst – Die Fighting
22. The Descendents – Global Probing
23. The Minutemen – Black Sheep
24. Saccharine Trust – Mad At The Co.
25. Overkill – Slaughter
26. Stains – Political Scandal
27. Würm – I’m Dead
28. Hüsker Dü – Ultracore
29. Mr. Epp & The Calculations – Jaded
30. The Dead Kennedys – One-Way Ticket To Pluto
31. The Flesh Eaters – Dominoes
32. The Dicks – Bourgeois Fascist Pig
33. Meat Puppets – Meat Puppets
34. Nig Heist – The Last Generation

Get It HERE.

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