NEWMAN/GREEN – ‘Hey Kicker’ & ‘Wolf Man’

The Vampyre can’t recall the full details of this mess but suspects the mid-nineties in South London.

01. Newman/Green – Hey Kicker
02. Newman/Green – Wolf Man



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4 responses to “NEWMAN/GREEN – ‘Hey Kicker’ & ‘Wolf Man’

  1. PP Fu

    This was recorded at your flat on the Fulham Palace Road in about 1993 on your Tascam and made it onto one of the BC Tapes compilation. I had given up weed and alcohol at the time.

    Hey Kicker was actually Hey Cavegirl but my enunciation or your hearing was off – I suspect a combination. It was a sort of poor attempt at garage punk (which sums up my career in rock).

    Wolfman was written in response to us playing that game where you wrote down lots of famous peoples’ names on pieces of paper and pulled them out, describing them to a team mate. You had to do as many as you could in a minute. After everyone left we wrote a song and pulled out a name – it was Wolf from Gladiators, a key cultural reference point at the time (I say that with a hint of postmodern irony, as opposed to the usual sort). The lyrics were:

    He’s a mean motherfucker and he shakes his thing
    He’ll rip your fucking arms off and then…
    sodomise your pop and them fuck your mum
    then finish on you till your legs come undone

    He’s a wolfman, baby! WOO! WOO!

    Who’d have thought I’d become a historian to my own musical career? I think it was the second best song we wrote (the first was ‘Rumpelstiltskin’)

    When’s the Fu comp up? And also The Can’ts? and the early Left Hand slop?

  2. Damn. That’s impressive, you must have been taking notes… what was I wearing? What colour rizlas was a rolling with?

    1993 eh! That means I must have been seven when we recorded that, with my own flat in Fulham to boot.

    You know I don’t think we ever got any kind of version of Rumplestiltskin down on tape. Certain to get a Fu mix up at some point but The Can’ts and Left Hand would require technology I no longer possess.

  3. dannyh

    always put the chorus at the start i say

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