Pérez Prado – 28 Great Songs

I don’t know a hellava lot of latin music but this feller created some wild stuff, freaky creaky stabbing keyboards and some crazy horn charts, frequent shouts of ‘Dilo’ which means ‘Say It’ but usually sounds like ‘Urghhh’. The bulk of this material is from the early to mid 60’s but there are a few ’50’s hits and some funky ’70’s action.

Best album? Try ‘Concierto Para Bongo’ from 1966.

I’ve been looking out for his version of The Monkees theme for sometime anyone out there who has it and the parent album, ‘Estas Si Viven (The Living End)’ sling it my way would ya.

01. Mambo #8
02. Cayitano
03. Ti-Pi-Tin
04. James Bond Theme
05. Bumble Bee
06. Guaglione
07. Paris
08. Mexico-70
09. San Remo
10. The Peanut Vendor
11. El Cumbanchero
12. La Raspa
13. A Hard Days Night
14. Back To Shuffle
15. Mambo Jambo
16. Sway
17. Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White
18. Vuelveme-A-Querer
19. Maria
20. Mamma A Go Go
21. Patricia
22. Goldfinger
23. La Chunga
24. Mambo #5
25. Rockambo Bop
26. Tommy
27. Julie Is Her Name
28. Rock’ambo no.1

Now dance amigos


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2 responses to “Pérez Prado – 28 Great Songs

  1. timurlenc

    Good shit Mr V

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