Real pleased to be going to see The Dead C in London Dec 1st, been a waiting nearly 20 years for the chance, better late than never I guess. Here’s a selection of some of my favourites of theirs between approx 1988 and 1995, I sorta lost interest after ‘The White House’. Hopefully seeing them will encourage me to pick up on some of their more recent material.

01. This Map
02. Bad Politics
03. Bitcher
04. Blind
05. I Love This
06. Children
07. Calling Slowly
08. Mighty
09. Communication With Heaven
10. I-You-Move-It
11. Acoustico: Bone
12. Crazy I Know
13. Love
14. Sun Stabbed (Edit)
15. Lives of Steel
16. Scarey Nest
17. Hell Is Now Love
18. Peace
19. Power
20. Max Harris
21. Puberty
22. River of Lethia
23. Sea Is Violet
24. Sky
25. Suffer Bomb Damage



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2 responses to “THE DEAD C

  1. timurlenc

    This separates the men from the boys. Phew, must try and get out of these shorts.

  2. Don’t be a feared Mr T, Im a sucker for this poop, find some of it quite delicate and pretty, good background drone doing stuff along to. Reminds me of Suicide, Faust, Pere Ubu, The Fall… Please keep the shorts on… Cheers VV

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