Ladies vs Gentlemen, Girls vs Boys, His and Hers

So what we have here are two selections, 15 tracks each, Chicks and Studs. The fellers 15 are mostly a hard rockin’ bunch as you would expect whilst the ladies mix is a much more eclectic selection.

Ladies first:

Davy Graham’s playing sounds effortless and totally un-flashy, one of the many that Jimmy Page plundered. ‘Judith’ is some fine sexy latin exotica action from Xavier Cugat. The Go-Betweens may have never bettered their first single, ‘Karen’s’ the b side of said item. Eddie Noack seemed to specialize in first person murder ballads, watch yourself ‘Dolores’, Eddie’s ‘Psycho’. Eloise is some great overblown camp shit that requires singing along too. ‘Emma’s’ the last track on the first side of Slovenly’s great ‘Ripost’ LP. ‘Griselda’s’ on the essential ‘Have Moicy’ LP, I’m guessin’ that Peter Stampfels voice is an aquired taste, Yo La Tengo gave this a shot on their Fakebook LP. There are lottsa Enoch Light tracks that are insanely creative Easy listening weirdness, this is on the list. ‘Vivienne’s’ one of my favourite Cannanes tracks, from ‘A love affair with nature’. Elizabeth Cotten’s playing is hard to mistake for anyone else, her songs stumble along in a gentle way and end how and when you expect them to. There’s loads of great Perez Prado songs, ‘Anna’s’ one of them. Bruce Haack comes over like a horny Stephen Hawkins on ‘Rita’. Real jaunty melody from George Gershwin on ‘Liza’. NRBQ should have been all over the radio in the 70’s and 80’s but I guess if they were hugely successful I wouldn’t be interested in them. Martin Rev was the instrumental half of Suicide, ‘Mari’s’ real pretty.

01. Davy Graham – Angi
02. Xavier Cugat – Judith
03. Go-Betweens – Karen
04. Eddie Noack – Dolores
05. Barry Ryan – Eloise
06. Slovenly – Emma
07. Unholy Modal Rounders etc. – Griselda
08. Enoch Light – Mimi
09. Cannanes – Vivienne
10. Elizabeth Cotten – Delia
11. Pérez Prado – Anna
12. Bruce Haack – Rita
13. George Gershwin – Liza
14. NRBQ – Tina
15. Martin Rev – Mari


feedtime make the grinding noise you’d hope beer swilling Ausie blokes would. The early Red Cross thing is great but the later powerpop thing doesn’t do it for me, I assume the ‘Charlie’ in question on this is the Manson variety. Vertigo made great mid-west punk rock. ‘Lewis’ is one of my top five Yo La Tengo songs, the solo at the end where the whole band tries to keep along with the guitar slays me everytime, I think the line ‘The best songs America ever had’ refers to the band ‘America’ hence the solo starting with the line “… and I been to a desert on a horse without a name”. I miss Killdozer, ‘Richard’ sounds like a total bastard and that sorta thing really pisses me off. ‘Alexander’ by The Electric Bannana is as good as any Pretty Things track of the era, the clip of them playing this as the the party band in a Norman Wisdom film is a must see. I accept that I am one of the few that thinks ‘Tweez’ is better than ‘Spiderland’. ‘Johnny, Johnny, Johnny’, Suicide, love ’em. One of the Wipers best, what a great guitar sound. Jon Spencer moonlighting with Boss Hog, from ‘Cold Hands’. The way The Didjits Rick Simms sings Jimm-ah is reminisent of South Parks Timm-ah. ‘Quentin’ isn’t a very punk rock name. ‘Trevor’ is one of the best TFUL282 there is, ‘His Mother goes Ooooo’. Some 80’s post HC from Rifle Sport, ‘Manfed’s’ not a very punk rock name either. ‘James’ is some menacing krautrock loop from Cluster.

01. feedtime – Billy
02. Red Cross – Charlie
03. Vertigo – Edward
04. Yo La Tengo – Lewis
05. Killdozer – Richard
06. Electric Banana – Alexander
07. Slint – Ron
08. Suicide – Johnny
09. Wipers – Romeo
10. Boss Hog – Gerard
11. Didjits – Jimmy
12. Nip Drivers – Quentin
13. Thinking Fellers Union Local #282 – Trevor
14. Rifle Sport – Manfred
15. Cluster – James

All done.
Get yer Ladies HERE and yr gents HERE

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