25 Happy Songs

Part Chimp’s ‘Chimp Happy’ is a fine slab of noise from Camberwell’s finest. Dutch legends The Outsiders with ‘Happyville’ from their great CQ album. ‘Happy Soul With A Hook’ describes Dave “Baby” Cortez contribution pretty well. ‘Happy Snakes’ is probably Jesus Lizards’ best post Touch and Go track. All the Kinks ’60’s side are great, I tend not to listen to anything after Muswell Hillbilly’s though. I love this Guilty Razors track, perfect punk. Mel Tormé was one smooth MoFo, I’m a sucker for his versions on the pop hits of the day (material generally shunned by Mel Tormé aficionados), ‘Happy Together’ is on his All-In LP. World Of Pooh’s Land Of Thirst LP is a fine thing featuring a pre-solo Barbara Manning. ‘Happy Valley Part 2’ is a fine dubby b-side from Studio One houseband The Sound Dimension. 60’s Kiwis Larry’s Rebels playing Aussie heroes The Easybeats ‘I’ll Make You Happy’. ‘Happy Days Are Here Again’ by Ben Selvin & His Orchestra, this is the real shit. When Quickspace Supersport became known as Quickspace, Vampyre Verdi along with Bloodless Coup played a gig with them in a toilet in Royal Tunbridge Wells, they had some fine songs (‘Quickspace Happy Song’ being the best) but were unfortunately obnoxious North London social retards. ‘We Shall Be Happy’ is some stumbling greatness from Joseph Spence. A post on this blog wouldn’t be complete without some Amphetamine Reptile action, it’s post Vertigo band Silver Salute’s turn today. The heavy hitters from the Cambodian 60’s-70’s scene Ros Sereysothea & Sinn Sisamouth with ‘Don’t Worry Just Be Happy And Happy’. The Music Machine were pretty wild this is a self conscious attempt to play POP for the benefit of their manager, ‘Brian’ who wanted another ‘Talk Talk’ scale HIT. Daniel Johnston & Jad Fair’s version of ‘Happy Talk’ is a hellava lot better than Captain Sensible’s. ‘(Are You Really) Happy?’ is some fine old school hardcore action from Reagan Youth. ‘Happy Life’ by 60’s Aussies is real good. Michigan & Smiley had some fine early dancehall records, Nice Up The Dance. The godlike Feelies cover Love Tractor’s ‘Fun To Be Happy’ and make it slightly less swing yr pants like. Before they started to go a bit crap (Tommy anyone?) The Who were insanely great, ‘Happy Jack’s’ got it all. Todd are really loud and pissed off sounding, I suspect that they are fibbing just a little when they say ‘I’m Happy Too’. Finally were gonna ride off into the sunset listening to ‘Happy Trails’ with everybody’s second favourite singing cowboy, Roy Rogers, whoaa there Trigger.

01. Part Chimp – Chimp Happy?
02. The Outsiders – Happyville
03. Dave “Baby” Cortez – Happy Soul With A Hook
04. Jesus Lizard – Happy Snakes
05. The Kinks – Everybody’s Gonna Be Happy
06. Guilty Razors – Happy
07. Mel Tormé – Happy Together
08. World Of Pooh – Bone Happy
09. Rheuben Alexander & Sound Dimension – Happy Valley Part 2
10. Larry’s Rebels – I’ll Make You Happy
11. Ben Selvin & His Orchestra – Happy Days Are Here Again
12. Quickspace Supersport – Quickspace Happy Song
13. Joseph Spence – We Shall Be Happy
14. Silver Salute – Happy Eyes
15. Ros Sereysothea & Sinn Sisamouth – Don’t Worry Just Be Happy And Happy
16. Music Machine – This Should Make You Happy
17. Daniel Johnston & Jad Fair – Happy Talk
18. Reagan Youth – (Are You Really) Happy?
19. The Limit – Happy Life
20. Michigan & Smiley – Time To Be Happy
21. The Feelies – Fun To Be Happy
22. The Who – Happy Jack
23. Todd – Happy Easter Florida
24. Hub Kapp & The Wheels – I’m Happy Too
25. Roy Rogers – Happy Trails


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