Damn, Sublime Frequencies surely put out some staggering shit. Vampyre Verdi had the pleasure of seeing Omar Souleyman and Group Doueh in Amsterdam, June 2009 and it was a truly memorable occasion. Alan Bishop (Sublime Frequencies, Sun City Girls, Alvarius B, Uncle Jim) was manning the merchandise stall, I should have said hello but the local fungus had made coherent speech all but impossible.

The only problem I have with Sublime Frequencies is that they put out too much good stuff so frequently that it’s almost impossible to keep up, I’ve just noticed that there’s a new Doueh album out… Sheeeeeeeeeeeeet!!

Anyway I recommend that you head on over to the Sublime Frequencies website and buy loads and loads of items, you know it’s the right thing to do. I’d start with ‘Folk And Pop Sounds Of Sumatra Vol. 1’ if I were you (still one of my favourites)

01. Unknown – Proibidao C.V Forbidden Gang Funk From Rio De Janeiro (from ‘Proibidao C.V Forbidden Gang Funk From Rio De Janeiro’)
02. Radio Palestine – How Are You, Mr. Criminal? (from ‘Radio Palestine’)
03. Samsimar – Indang Pariaman (from ‘Folk And Pop Sounds Of Sumatra Vol. 1’)
04. JIM… – Proak (‘Ethnic Minority Music Of Northeast Cambodia’)
05. Unknown – Segue Bezikh (‘Choubi Choubi (Folk And Pop Songs From Iraq)’)
06. Hayvanlar Alemi – Mega Lambada (from ‘Guarana Superpower’)
07. Saing Saing Maw – Than Shin Ley Ye Khan (from ‘Guitars Of The Golden Traingle: Folk And Pop Music Of Myanmar (Burma) Vol. 2’)
08. Radio Java – Radio Surabaya (from ‘Radio Java’)
09. Omar Souleyman – Don’t Wear Black, Green Suits You Better (from ‘Highway To Hassake – Folk And Pop Sounds Of Syria’)
10. CBC Band – Tinh Yêu Tuyệt Vời (The Greatest Love) (from ‘Saigon Rock & Soul: Vietnamese Classic Tracks 1968-1974’)
11. Group Inerane – Awal September (from ‘Guitars From Agadez (Music of Niger)’)
12. Unknown – Molam (from ‘Ethnic Minority Music Of Southern Laos’)
13. Van Shipley – Jan pahechan ho (from ‘gunaam’ 1966) (from ‘Bollywood Steel Guitar’)
14. Pan Ron – PKA Sondun (from ‘My Friend Rain’)
15. Radio Morocco – Radio Tangier Internationale (from ‘Radio Morocco’)
16. Unknown – Upstairs Downtown Bedouin Boy (from ‘I Remember Syria’)
17. Koes Bersaudara – To the So-Called “The Guilties” (from ‘1967’)
18. Daw Bandon – Bong Ja Bong (from ‘Siamese Soul: Thai Pop Spectacular Vol. 2’)
19. Group Doueh – Wazan Samat (from ‘Guitar Music From the Western Sahara’)
20. Yangon Sein Kyi Moe – The Tune Of The First Entertainment (from ‘Princess Nicotine: Folk And Pop Music Of Myanmar (Burma)’)
21. La Tia Leonor Y Sus Sobrinos – Marcha A La Turca (from ‘Latinamericarpet: Exploring The World Of Latin American Psychedelia Vol. 1’)
22. Singsiri – Asking For Her Hand In Marriage (from ‘Molam: Thai Country Grooves From Isan Vol. 2’)
23. Charlie Electric Guitar Band’s Sound of Japan – Tough Time Missing You (from ‘Singapore A-Go-Go’)
24. The Son of P.M. – Plaeng Yiepoun (from ‘Shadow Music of Thailand’)
25. Elly Kasim – Ayam Den Lapeh (from ‘Folk And Pop Sounds Of Sumatra Vol. 2’)
26. Radio India – Radio Delhi #1 (from ‘Radio India: The Eternal Dream Of Sound’)
27. Unknown – Vocal Duet (from ‘Streets Of Lhasa’)
28. Unknown – Pleng Keh Sam Sip Sam Natee (from ‘Molam: Thai Country Groove From Isan’)
29. Unknown – Rihlan (from ‘Bush Taxi Mali: Field Recordings From Mali’)
30. Prum Manh – Two Wives Are Twice The Problem (from ‘Cambodian Cassette Archives’)
31. Man City Lion – Na Doo (Very Striking Girl) (from ‘Thai Pop Spectacular 1960s-1980s’)
32. Radio Phnom Penh – Sign-Off/The Venerable Anthem (from ‘Radio Phnom Penh’)



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2 responses to “SUBLIME FREQUENCIES Tasting Party

  1. timurlenc

    Just what I like Mr VV, just what I like.

  2. Suspected as much Mr T, there’s some fine stuff here. Hayvanlar Alemi are a contemporary Turkish band, like a Sun City Girls and Dick Dale combination.

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