Rosegarden Funeral Of Sores & 19 Other Rose Tinted Tunes

Now this is pretty much an excuse for posting John Cale’s ‘Rosegarden Funeral Of Sores’, quite possibly the finest moment of his post Velvets career (of which there’s been plenty of fine moments). I first became aware of this tune as a young Vampyre through the Bauhaus version (surely the best thing them MoFo’s did).

Some other winners on here include ‘Rosemary Rose’ from The Great Lost Kinks LP, ‘Rose’ by the Del-Bloods is real good, a band related to The Walking Seeds (if anyone remembers them). U.S. Maple supply some killer abstract action with ‘Open A Rose’, this is the 3rd appearance of ‘La Vie En Rose’ on this blog, this time it’s Louis Armstrong having a go. The Coctails made one truly essential record, the ‘3/4 Time’ 7″ e.p., ‘Rose Selavy’ is on it. ‘New Rose’ by The Damned still sounds real good, in fact everything on here sounds real good.

01. John Cale – Rosegarden Funeral Of Sores
02. Betty Harris – 12 Red Roses
03. U.S. Maple – Open A Rose
04. The Kinks – Rosemary Rose
05. Jacques Loussier – Robe Rose
06. Johnny Powers – Long Blond Hair, Rose Red Lips
07. The Del-Bloods – Rose
08. Louis Armstrong – La Vie En Rose
09. Question Mark And The Mysterians – Just Like A Rose
10. Claw Hammer – Bedside Coffee Table Roses
11. The Coctails – Rose Selavy
12. The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band – ‘Scuse Me Miss Rose
13. The Jaynetts – Sally, Go ‘Round The Roses
14. The Damned – New Rose
15. The Zombies – A Rose for Emily
16. Dream Syndicate – The Days Of Wine And Roses
17. Brain Train – Black Roses
18. Squirrel Bait – Rose Island Road
19. The MC5 – Ramblin’ Rose
20. Vangelis – Damask Rose


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