Year Of The Rabbit

Don’t know how I managed to miss the opportunity to post a bunch of rabbit related action being as it was Chinese New Year last week and the beginning of THE YEAR OF THE RABBIT. Anyway, to rectify the situation the Vampyre presents a 17 track selection of righteous bunny-ness for yr floppy ears.

01. Elmo Williams & Hezekiah Early – Blue Jumped the Rabbit
02. Proud Scum – I Am A Rabbit
03. Crocket Family Mountaineers – Little Rabbit Rabbit Where’s Your Mammy
04. Dump – Bunny Boy
05. Moondog – Rabbit Hop
06. Boss Hog – Sugar Bunny
07. TV Theme – Bugs Bunny ‘Fresh Hare’
08. T.Rex – Rabbit Fighter
09. Blind Lemon Jefferson – Rabbit Foot Blues
10. Cosmic Psychos – Thank Your Mother For The Rabbits
11. Frank & The Top Ten – Beach Bunny
12. Georgia Pot Lickers – Up Jumped The Rabbit
13. 3D’s – Bunny
14. Crabstick – Bunny
15. Lonzie Thomas – Rabbit On A Log
16. Todd – Golden Rabbit
17. Dr Seuss – The Rabbit, The Bear, And The Zanniga

Get Yr Rabbits Here


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2 responses to “Year Of The Rabbit

  1. Funny – you didn’t include the top (er, only) 2 rabbit songs that I thought of …
    Electric Eels – Bunnies
    Pailhead – No Bunny

    Looking forward to listening to your choices! 🙂

  2. Hello Holly
    Gotta say that the Electric Eels is an oversight I can’t apologise enough for… dunno about Pailhead though. Cheers VV

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