XPRESSWAY Foul-Up (Flying Nun’s Ugly Sister)

Now this is more of an XPRESSWAY related compilation as only a hand full of these tunes were actually released on the label. Some of the tracks were licenced from XPRESSWAY to other labels (Ajax, Siltbreeze, Avalanche, Majora, Raffmond etc.). Some were obscure Flying Nun releases highlighted by XPRESSWAY. All of it’s worth a spin if you go for the darker elements of the Flying Nun catalog.

There was a great overview and discography of the label in the old ‘Popwatch’ magazine, a pdf of which can be found HERE

01. Nocturnal Projections – Nerve Ends in Power Lines
02. Brown Velvet Couch – Once in a Very Blue Moon
03. David Mitchell & Denise Roughan – The Crying Room
04. Heazlewood – Speed
05. Trash – Night Of The Brothers
06. Norma O’Malley – Cruella
07. Garbage And The Flowers – Carousel
08. Cyclops – Simpleton
09. Queen Meanie Puss – Glass Hole Pit
10. Shayne Carter & Peter Jefferies – Spark Off A Wire
11. Double Happys – Beer Cans On The Ground
12. King Loser – Never A Thought
13. Brian Crook – Daggers
14. Dead C – Angel
15. Plagal Grind – Receivership
16. Peter Gutteridge – Hang On
17. Cake Kitchen – Bald Old Bear
18. Alastair Galbraith – As In A Blender
19. The Renderers – Burning Bible
20. Peter Jefferies – Domesticia
21. Dadamah – Radio Brain
22. Victor Dimisch Band – Such A Lady
23. Sferic Experiments – I Must…
24. The Terminals – Psycho Lives
25. This Kind Of Punishment – What Can I Say?
26. Scorched Earth Policy – Foaming Out
27. David Merritt And David Kilgour – 6th Of The 6th 66



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3 responses to “XPRESSWAY Foul-Up (Flying Nun’s Ugly Sister)

  1. Well, how cool to have these all digitized & in 1 place! Thank you.

  2. Thanks Holly, all that stuff still sounds mighty fine

  3. Thomas, A Horse

    This is wonderful. Thanks so much for this.

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