x14 Karate & Kung-Fu Killers

whooo-yaaahhh… Thanks to The Devils Music whose ‘Ghetto Kung Fu’ I shamelessly pilfered

01. Travis Wammack – It’s Karate Time
02. Lords Of Percussion – The Kung Fu
03. Dillinger – Natty Kung Fu
04. Guitar Wolf – Kung Fu Ramone Culmination Tactic
05. Emperors – Karate
06. Lalo Schifrin – Theme From Enter The Dragon
07. Alan Vega – Kung Foo Cowboy
08. Upsetters – Enter The Dragon1
09. Mody-Vations – Ghetto Kung Fu
10. Chinese Fighters – Karate Cut
11. Steel Pole Bath Tub – Kung Fu Love
12. Jerry O – Karate Boogaloo
13. Lloyd Parks – Kung Fu Fighting
14. Jim Helms – The Shaolin Temple – The New Student

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3 responses to “x14 Karate & Kung-Fu Killers

  1. “Kung Fu Ramone”?

  2. I saw the mighty Guitar Wolf a few years back before the untimely demise of Bass Wolf, they were quite a thing.

    You ever see the Zombie movie they were in, ‘Wild Zero’?

  3. Have not seen Wild Zero, outside of maybe a YouTube clip…

    Guitar Wolf are touring again, they’re playing near me in another month or so…

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