Just Like a Monkey (Monkeys & Monkees)

Not just an excuse to post Pérez Prado’s version of The Monkees theme, something that any right thinking hombre needs to hear, there are plenty of other simian related winners here to make this selection of tunes more fun than a barrel of monkeys.

01. Pérez Prado – El Temp De Los Monkees
02. Eddie Bo – Just Like a Monkey
03. The Didjits – Monkey Suit
04. Dave & Ansel Collins – Monkey Spanner
05. 13th Floor Elevators – Monkey Island
06. Beastie Boys – Brass Monkey
07. Baby Huey & Baby Sitters – Monkey Man
08. Jesus Lizard – Monkey Trick
09. Guitar Crusher – The Monkey
10. Denzil Thorpe – The Monkey Speaks His Mind
11. Painted Willie – Monkey Mia
12. Remo Four – Mickey´s Monkey
13. Major Lance – The Monkey Time
14. Death Of Samantha – Monkey Face
15. Monkey Hustle Radio Spot
16. O.V. Wright – Monkey Dog
17. Silver Salute – Bad Monkey
18. Ray Sharpe – Monkey’s Uncle
19. Dice The Boss – Funky Monkey
20. Daniel Johnston – Big Business Monkey
21. Chuck Berry – Too Much Monkey Business
22. Michael Hurley – Monkey On The Dual Carriage Way
23. The Rolling Stones – Monkey Man
24. The Velvet Monkeys – Velvet Monkey Theme
25. Stick McGhee & His Buddies – One Monkey Don’t Stop No Show
26. Scotty – Monkey Drop
27. Hammerhead – Monkey Mountain
28. Monkey TV Theme


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