DRUGS Pt3: Tobacco Road

The Vampyre would like to point out that one of the finest examples of nicotine related song writing, ‘More Cigarettes’ by The Replacements features elsewhere on this venerable blog.

01. The Nashville Teens – Tobacco Road
02. The Leaving Trains – Cigarette Motel
03. The Vikings – Nicotine
04. Hot Snakes – Paid In Cigarettes
05. Abner Jay – Scrop Tobacco
06. Scorched Earth Policy – Green Cigar
07. Benny Spellman – Lipstick Traces (On A Cigarette)
08. Vertigo – Dynamite Cigar
09. Love Child – Cigarette Ash
10. Raymond Scott – Tobacco Auctioneer



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2 responses to “DRUGS Pt3: Tobacco Road

  1. Thank you! Since I quit 2 years ago, always looking for ways to maintain my addiction without actually inhaling…

  2. Thanks Holly, glad to be of some help

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