Cosmic Psychos – Can’t Come In – 15 Psycho Hits

The Vampyre lurves The Cosmic Psychos, imagine if Motorhead songs were all as great as ‘Ace Of Spades’, that’s how good The Cosmic Psychos are.

Now it seems our heroes have a new album ‘Glorius Barsteds’, there’s a bonus disc with it that has a selection of Psycho killers from years previous, now the Vampyre don’t wanna step on any Psycho toes so this selection of tunes offered up today has no crossovers from those discs.

Tunes are from all their long players preceding ‘Glorius Barsteds’. ‘Down On The Farm’, ‘Cosmic Psychos’, ‘Go The Hack’, ‘Self Totaled’, ‘Blokes You Can Trust’, ‘Palamino Pizza’, ‘Oh What A Lovely Pie’, ‘Off Ya Cruet’ and ‘Dung Australia’

Anyway dig this slop then go out and purchase some Cosmic Psychos albums, these fellers are more than worthy of yr support.

01. Champagne Sunday
02. She’s Cracking Up
03. Super Vixen
04. Panic Song
05. Do It To Me
06. Can’t Come In
07. The Man Who Drank Too Much
08. She’s A Cat
09. Loser
10. Looky Like
11. Tell Me That You Love Me
12. Go The Hack
13. The Shed
15. Come On
15. Gangrene Dream


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