Incarcerated – Vampyre Verdi’s In Jail (26x Prison Songs)

01. D.O.A. – The Prisoner
02. Andre Williams – Jail Bait
03. Shellac – ’95 Jailbreak
04. Washington Phillips – Paul and Silas in Jail
05. Dean Carter – Jailhouse Rock
06. Nicodemus – Life In A Jailhouse
07. Johnny Cash – Folsom Prison Blues
08. The Kids – We Are The Prisoners
09. Ron Grainer – The Prisoner (Original Unused Version)
10. The Verlaines – Incarceration
11. Lightnin’ Hopkins – Jail House Blues
12. Sister Double Happiness – Gurdon Jail
13. Raekwon – Incarcerated Scarfaces
14. Qui – Prison Braid
15. John Jacob Niles – The Maid Freed From The Gallows
16. Magic Sam – 21 days in Jail
17. Afrika Korps – Jailbait Janet
18. Delphine – Les Prisons De Sa Majeste
19. Cook And Flemming – Two Liquorice Drops In jail
20. Thin Lizzy – Jailbreak
21. Coctails – Prisoner Of The Highway
22. Death – You’re A Prisoner
23. Big Youth – 6 Dead 19 Gone A Jail
24. Dock Boggs – New Prisoner’s Song
25. The Injections – Prison Walls
26. Graeme Jefferies – Prisoner Of A Single Passion

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7 responses to “Incarcerated – Vampyre Verdi’s In Jail (26x Prison Songs)

  1. mercurochrome

    Great mix! It got me digging through my music library for other tracks that would have worked. A few favorites:
    Prisoners – The Rain Parade
    Good Luck In Jail – Drive Like Jehu
    Love Or Prison – Blonde Redhead
    Love In The Sex Prison – The Plot To Blow Up The Eiffel Towel

  2. mercurochrome

    Nah this works great as is. When I see a good idea like this I get all into it and start finding other stuff that would work, but it’s impossible to get them all in one shot. The prison theme certainly lends itself to additional volumes.

    I just noticed you’ve linked to a blog I post on–YoungMossTongue–and we didn’t have you in our blog list. You should have told us–we would have gladly linked you ages ago. It’s sorted now though. I’m doing a half-assed version of what you’re doing on another blog – – which is how I found you in the first place. Looking forward to digging through your archives!

  3. Splendid, frequently great stuff to be found at Young Moss Tongue. Look forward to checking out toolongdidntlisten. Cheers VV

  4. Jay Schiavone

    Not to quibble, but the Monopoly square reminds me of the cover of CQ by the Outsiders (the ones from Amsterdam). That album features “Prison Song,’ which have a place on a future comp. Came here via mordi’s mixtape extravaganza. Keep on keepin’ on.

    • Yup, I missed out some good ones, not quite sure how Prison Song didn’t make it. Padded Cell by Black Flag is another… I’ll get around to another mix at some point. Thanks for visiting and your comment. VV

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