Vampyre Verdi’s Celebrity Party (25x Famous Hits)

Yeah! The Vampyre’s having a party, all his celebrity pals are coming, gonna feature an all star band of Duane Eddy, David Lee Roth, Joan Baez, Gary Floyd, John Lennon, Alex Chilton and Dick Dale. It’s gonna be pretty wild, all are invited, just press the download link below for admission (and don’t forget to bring a bottle).

01. Prince Buster – Al Capone
02. Mission Of Burma – Max Ernst
03. Angst – Neil Armstrong
04. Great Unwashed – Duane Eddy
05. Modern Lovers – Pablo Picasso
06. Count Machuki – Franco Nero
07. Cosmic Psychos – David Lee Roth
08. Cows – Joan Baez
09. Black Randy & The Metrosquad – Marlon Brando
10. Exploding Budgies – Kenneth Anger
11. Joe Gibbs & The Professionals – Stonewall Jackson
12. Butthole Surfers – Gary Floyd
13. Beach Boys – Johnny Carson
14. Go-Betweens – Lee Remick
15. Didjits – Evel Knievel
16. Chug – Dennis Potter
17. Dennis Alcapone – Muhammad Ali
18. Urge Overkill – Robert Montgomery
19. Red Cross – Linda Blair
20. Yo La Tengo – Tom Courtenay
21. Strange Loves – John Lennon
22. Replacements – Alex Chilton
23. Upsetters – Clint Eastwood
24. King Loser – Dick Dale
25. Death Of Samantha – Sylvia Plath



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2 responses to “Vampyre Verdi’s Celebrity Party (25x Famous Hits)

  1. Oh Oh. Evel Knievel’s doing stunts in the garden, John Lennon’s naked in the bedroom and Sylvia Plath’s alone in the kitchen. Thanks Holly

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