Vampyre Verdi Feels Like Jumpin’

Vampyre Verdi Feels Like Jumpin’, but don’t worry none. The bodies are piled up pretty high in the locality of Verdi mansions so his fall should be nicely cushioned.

01. Marcia Griffiths – Feel Like Jumping
02. The Boys – Jumpin’
03. Hal Singer – Jumpin’ Jack Flash
04. Half Japanese – Jump Into the Mess
05. Jimmy Smith – Jumpin’ The Blues
06. Jimmy McCracklin – Savoys Jump
07. Clint Eastwood – Jump & Pawn
08. Thee Midniters – Jump Jive And Harmonize
09. Lithium Xmas – Jump Into The Fire
10. The Carnaby – Jump And Dance
11. Solo Sound – Get The Party Jumpin
12. Bobby & Laurie – Jump back
13. Harry Breuer And His Quintet – Maple Leaf Jump
14. Dave Bartholomew – Jump Children
15. Big Boys – Jump The Fence
16. Bongo Herman – African Jump
17. Rahsaan Roland Kirk – Second Line Jump
18. Tav Falco’s Panther Burns – Jumper on the line
19. The Clean – Moon Jumper
20. The Jesters – Jesters Jump
21. Dub Specialist – Gumbia Jump
22. Charles Mingus – Jump Monk


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