Let’s Get Married – 30 WEDDING SONGS

A bunch of songs about weddings, marriage, brides and grooms etc. Two songs each from Daniel Johnston and Cambodian heroine Pan Ron.
Vampyre Verdi has long been a fan of The Flesh Eaters, whose ‘Minute to pray, a second to die’ album is an un-moveable fixture in his top ten records of all time. ‘The Wedding Dice’ is from the also great ‘Forever came today’ LP. There’s an interesting video for this track that’s well worth a view or two if only for the shameless scene stealing abilities of Chris D.’s lone eyebrow.

01. Daniel Johnston – Wedding Ring Bells Blues
02. The Flesh Eaters – The Wedding Dice
03. The Carter Family – Single Girl, Married Girl
04. Pan Ron – I Will Marry You
05. Shirley Raymond – What A Wedding Day
06. Toy Love – Bride Of Frankenstein
07. Adrenalin O.D. – House Husband
08. The Easybeats – Wedding Ring
09. Negativland – Stress in Marriage
10. Bored Games – Bridesmaid
11. The Dixie Cups – Chapel Of Love
12. Bush Taxi Mali – Bambaran Wedding Celebration
13. The Descendents – Marriage
14. The Mirage – Wedding Of Ramona Blair
15. Roy “C” – Shotgun Wedding
16. Tar Babies – Wedding March
17. Grayson & Whitter – My Mind Is To Marry
18. Rhino 39 – Marry It
19. Tall Dwarfs – Waltz Of The Good Husband
20. Celibate Rifles – Let’s Get Married
21. Jimmy Cavello and the House Rockers – Leave Married Women Alone
22. The Sweet Brothers – I’m Gonna Marry That Pretty Little Girl
23. Daniel Johnston – I’ll Never Marry
24. Pan Ron – Wedding Day
25. Warzone – Marriange Of Convenience And Yahoo Song
26. The Motions – Wedding Of 100 Brides
27. Sneaky Feelings – Husband House
28. Cousin Joe with Pete Brown’s Brooklyn Blue Blowers – Weddin’ Day Blues
29. Wade Ward – Married Man’s Blues
30. Lalo Schifrin – I’m Not the Marrying Kind (End Title)



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3 responses to “Let’s Get Married – 30 WEDDING SONGS

  1. Oh, sweet video link – thank you!

  2. And a wildly diverse look at marriage in song!!! 😉 Very cool.

  3. Thanks Holly, we like to mix it up ’round these parts

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