a selection of NRBQ favourites

I see a new chapter of The NRBQ story is about to begin with the release of there new album, ‘Keep This Love Goin’, Terry Adams is the only remaining original member with a new NRBQ behind him. I’ve yet to hear the new one but I’m certain that there’s gonna be something swingin’ on it.

Here’s a selection of The Vampyres favourite NRBQ songs, including tracks from NRBQ, Boppin’ the Blues, Scraps, Workshop, All Hopped Up, Kick me hard, Tiddlywinks, Tapdancing Bats, Grooves in Orbit, Lou and the Q, Music’s been good to me, Atsa my band, You’re nice people you are, and Ludlow Garage. There’s a lot of NRBQ stuff that Im not much into but you can be sure that any one of there discs has at least one great track on it. Scraps and the self titled first album are the ones I’m most likely to make a grab for should the local peasants start burnin’ down the castle.

There’s further examples of NRBQ’s finery littered around this blog

01. C’mon Everybody
02. Magnet
03. Throw Out The Life Line
04. Flat Foot Flewzy
05. Me And The Boys
06. Miss Moses
07. Smackaroo
08. Here Comes The Whistleman
09. Captain Lou
10. Groovy Cafe
11. You Can’t Hide
12. Big Goodbyes
13. Call Him Off, Rogers
14. Terry Got a Muffin
15. Ridin’ In My Car
16. Things We Like To Do
17. Dr. Howard, Dr. Fine, Dr. Howard
18. Ida
19. Boys In The City
20. Dogwood Winter
21. Roll Call
22. Next Stop Brattleboro
23. Chores
24. Red Planet
25. Program Them Computers
26. C’mon If You’re Coming’
27. Howard Johnson’s Got His Ho-Jo Workin’
28. Open All the Windows
29. Hobbies
30. Trouble At The Henhouse
31. I Say Gooday Goodnite
32. Liza Jane



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4 responses to “a selection of NRBQ favourites

  1. timurlenc

    Thanks Vamp. Look forward to listening to these tunes. I love Rocket No 9 from your Rocket songs compilation.

  2. No problem Mr T, there’s lots to like here

  3. So…did you get around to checking out “Keep This Love Goin'” yet??


  4. Yup. I shouldn’t have been surprised to find that it sounds quite a lot like NRBQ. ‘Im Satisfied’, Sweet and Petit’ and ‘Talk’ are the ones that talk to me. It’s never gonna be my favourite Q album (tapdancing bats at the moment) but still nice to have around the house. Thanks VV

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