The Shadow Knows (24 shadowy selections)

Now we got a request right here from PP Fu, one time Tongue Kung Fu member and current Duo Balls fella (originators of REMEDIAL MATH ROCK). PP wanted some shadowy songs (but not The Shadows), VV’s happy to oblige. (sorry PP, no ‘Moonlight Shadow’ by Mike Oldfield)

01. Link Wray & His Ray-Men – The Shadow Knows
02. The Action – Shadows & Reflections
03. Rifle Sport – Black Shadow
04. Modern Warfare – In the Shadows
05. King Loser – Shadow
06. Friends of Dean Martinez – The Shadow of Your Smile
07. Dead Moon – Shadows of the Night
08. Joy Division – Shadowplay
09. GZA – Shadowboxin’
10. Bailter Space – Shadow
11. Prince Far I – Shadow
12. The Fleshtones – Shadow-Line
13. The Left Banke – Shadows Breaking Over My Head
14. Locust – Shadow Play
15. The Dickies – Shadow Man
16. The Choir – In Love’s Shadow
17. The Lurkers – Shadow
18. Sonny Day – Beyond A Shadow Of A Doubt
19. Screaming Trees – Shadow Song
20. Jean-Paul Satre Experience – Shadows
21. The Quests – Shadows In The Night
22. The Hydes – Have You Seen Your Mother Standing In The Shadows
23. The Nuclear Socketts – Shadow on the Map
24. Ferlin Husky – Me And My Shadow



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2 responses to “The Shadow Knows (24 shadowy selections)

  1. PP Fu

    OK – no Mike Oldfield. Hook me up with some of that Enya shit you used to go for (it was after your Bauhaus phase and prior to Husker Du)

  2. Can’t knock that Enya crap, that dude was keeping it real.

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