NOT Black Flag

Oh yes, ya gotta love Black Flag right? Well here’s a selection of covers of their greatness. Including The Flag covering themselves as well as contributions from Chuck, Keith and Dez. You might be wondering where the Meat Puppets mighty version of ‘No Values’ is, elsewhere on this blog I say, go seek and you will find.

01. 8 Bit Mix – Rise Above
02. Mudhoney – Fix Me
03. Chuck Dukowski – What I See
04. Gumball – Depression
05. Saint Vitus – Thirsty And Miserable
06. Circle Jerks – Wasted
07. Los Campesinos! – Police Story
08. Tad – Damaged I
09. Black Fag – Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie
10. Saccharine Trust – Six Pack
11. Black Flag – No Values (Crass Commercialism)
12. Sugar Shack – Clocked In
13. Pussy Galore – Damaged II
14. Chuck Dukowski Sextet – My War
15. Iggy Pop – Fix Me
16. Camper Van Beethoven – Wasted
17. D.C.3 – Thirsty Miserable
18. Circle Jerks – Nervous Breakdown
19. Jesse Morris – Six Pack
20. Karp – Nothing Left Inside


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