MOTORBIKE BEAT – 27 Motorcycle Songs

There’s some fine things here biker chicks and biker dudes. The Vampyre was inspired to put this mix together by The Cosmic Psychos fine ‘Nude Sheilas On Motorbikes Drinking Beer’ from their current album ‘Glorius Barsteds’, it’s quite a thing. You might think this mix is slightly overloaded with Guitar Wolf tracks, The Vampyre can’t get enough of that crap, so deal with it.

01. Guitar Wolf – Born To Be Wild
02. Cosmic Psychos – Nude Sheilas On Motorbikes Drinking Beer
03. Suicide – Ghost Rider
04. Chris Spedding – Motor Bikin’
05. Brigitte Bardot – Harley Davidson
06. The Dull – I hate Motorcyclists
07. Big Youth – S.90 Skank
08. Guitar Wolf – Motorcycle Baby
09. The Shangri-Las – Leader Of The Pack
10. feedtime – Motorbike Girl
11. The Crestones – She’s A Bad Motorcycle
12. Daniel Johnston (with Yo La Tengo) – Speeding Motorcycle
13. The Beachnuts – Cycle Annie
14. The Revillos – Motor Bike Beat
15. Ros Sereysothea & Sinn Sisamouth & Pan Ron – Kamlos Honda
16. Guitar Wolf – Motor Cycle Leather Boy
17. The Beach Boys – Little Honda
18. Motorhead – Motorhead
19. Vince Taylor – Jet Black Machine
20. Shocking Blue – Harley Davidson
21. Wooden Shjips – Motorbike
22. Les Reed – Girl on a Motorcycle
23. The Hondells – My Buddy Seat
24. Guitar Wolf – Kawasaki ZII 750 Rock’N’Roll
25. Girl Trouble – Sister Mary Motorcycle
26. Lou Reed – New Sensations
27. Davie Allan & The Arrows – Blues Theme

Get ya motor running, download here


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2 responses to “MOTORBIKE BEAT – 27 Motorcycle Songs

  1. timurlenc

    I’ve just caught up with your latest mix tapes. I particularly love this one. Shame I’m too chicken to ride one of those beasts – they sound so good.

  2. Yesss! The guttural roar of 750cc’s of power between yr thighs. (I understand motorbikes are fun too)

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