Nicodemus – ‘Well This Is A Massive Sound’ (Champion Reggae Dancehall DJ)

While you were out we took a vote and decided that Nicodemus is the CHAMPION DANCEHALL DJ. Compiled from his numerous Lp’s and singles recorded between ’82-’95.

The Vampyre loves this crap. Not to be confused with biker rock dudes (or the Saint)

01. 2000 Clash War
02. Bonanza!
03. Dog Is Better Than A Gun (w/ Supercat)
04. Coke Seller
05. Frankinscence & Myrrh
06. Mother In Law
07. Bone Connection
08. Mr. Fabulous
09. Women Over Thirty
10. Tom, Dick, and Harry
11. Talk About Gun
12. Mi Brain
13. Suzy Wong
14. Good Hole (w/ Junior Demus)
15. Birdman Hunting
16. Five A Dem Trax
17. She Love It In The Morning
18. Computer Knife & Fork
19. Strawberry Fields
20. Plain Land
21. Hip Hop
22. Bubble Nicodemus


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