26x Songs From The Heart – For VALENTINES

This time last year The Vampyre gave you a selection of songs of love, this Valentines he gives you his heart.

01. The Velvet Underground – Temptation Inside Your Heart
02. Crime – Hot Wire My Heart
03. Trinity – Render Your Heart
04. MX-80 Sound – I Left My Heart In San Francisco
05. Arthur Smith Trio – Adieu False Heart
06. The 3d’s – Big Red Heart
07. Irma Thomas – Ruler Of My Heart
08. Radio Birdman – Breaks My Heart
09. Cherubs – Little Candy Hearts
10. The Laughing Kind – Empty Heart
11. Wire – Heart Beat
12. Wiz Kidz – Team In My Heart Version
13. Meat Puppets – Hearts
14. Trio – Hearts Are Trump
15. Crunt – Black Heart
16. The Homosexuals – Hearts In Exile
17. The Yardbirds – Heart Full of Soul
18. Pissed Jeans – I Broke My Own Heart
19. Claw Hammer – Pumping (My Heart)
20. The Verlaines – It’s Easier To Harden A Broken Heart (Than Mend It)
21. Circle Jerks – Put A Little Love In Your Heart
22. Barrington Levy – Black Heart Man dub
23. Pere Ubu – Heart Of Darkness
24. Saccharine Trust – Hearts And Barbarians
25. The Undertakers – Unchain My Heart
26. Hank Williams – Your Cheatin’ Heart


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