TONGUE KUNG FU – Upload, Download, Offload

Tongue Kung Fu featured the marginal talents of PP Fu, Danny Fu, Bunny Fu and Timmy Fu, these 20x selections were recorded between 2003-06.

01. Bevin Boy
02. Black Flag Spy Theme
03. Howling Bough
04. I Dont Get It
05. Gluteus Maximus
06. Ultra-Punker
07. Robert Mugabe
08. Beg For It
09. Wolfman
10. Upload Download Offload
11. Showroom Dummies
12. Fa Fa Fa
13. Dirtytalk
14. Ha Ha Ha
15. Take It On The Chin
16. Go Betty
17. I Hate You
18. Uba-Chick
19. Chain Gang Prison Voo Doo
20. Fuzzy Wuzzy



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2 responses to “TONGUE KUNG FU – Upload, Download, Offload

  1. PP Fu

    Has the world run out of music or something?

  2. The time will come for all music. Next up will be The Vampyre playing a comb and some paper

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